German Movie Showing in Auburn
6:30 p.m.
Haley Center 2370, Auburn University
Contact Person:
André Fischer
On Thursday, Feb. 8th at 6.30pm (in Haley Center 2370), we will be show the next film in our German Film Series. This theme of this year's film series is “Migration in German Cinema”.
We will continue with Rainer Werner Fassbinder's 1974 movie “Angst essen Seele auf” (“Ali: Fear Eats Soul”)
Synopsis: Emmi, a cleaning lady, is lonely in her old age, after her husband died years ago. One night she stops in a bar and strikes up a friendship with the Moroccan mechanic Ali. Their relationship soon develops into something more, and Emmi's family and neighbors criticize their spontaneous marriage. The film won the critics award at the 1974 Cannes Film Festival.
Here is a trailer:
The film will be shown in German with English subtitles.