Mr. Michael H. Johnson, Honorary German Consul in Alabama
 Honorary German Consul in Alabama:
Mr. Michael H. Johnson

Consular Services in Alabama

The Federal Republic of Germany has appointed a new Honorary Consul of Germany for the State of Alabama.  Since September 22 of 2011 Mr. Michael H. Johnson, Esq., serves in this capacity under the jurisdiction and at the direction of the German Consulate in Atlanta.

As Germany's consular representative in Alabama, Mr. Johnson provides services to German citizens within his jurisdiction.  These services include providing limited information, emergency assistance, and the notarization of signatures on official German documents (e.g., Lebensbescheinigung). However, he does not issue German visas or passports.

Mr. Johnson may be reached by email at, telephone 205.250.8335.

For more information on German Consular Services Available in the United States,  please visit the website of the German Consul General in Atlanta.