German Teacher Madison City Schools


Madison City Schools 

Madison, AL

Job Goals: To help students learn subject matter and skills that will contribute to their development as mature, able, responsible members of society.


  1. Minimum of a B.S. Degree in the area of instructional responsibility required.
  2. Alabama State Department of Education Teaching Certification in the area of instructional responsibility required.
  3. Must meet the Alabama Model of the “No Child Left Behind” legislation as it pertains to highly qualified teachers. Information on the Alabama Model can be viewed at
  4. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

FLSA Status: Exempt

Reports to: Principal or Appropriate Supervisor

Background Check Required: (Ala. Code §§ 16-22A-5 ) Upon offer of employment, employees will be required to submit legible fingerprints for a background review by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  1. Knowledge of content, curriculum, methods, materials and equipment of instructional specialty to which assigned.
  2. Knowledge of student academic growth and development applicable to the grade level assigned.
  3. Knowledge of school’s program of studies related to mission, goals and organization.
  4. Ability to apply knowledge of current research and theory to instructional programs.
  5. Ability to plan and implement lessons based on system and state courses of study and the needs and abilities of students.
  6. Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with students, parents and peers.
  7. Skilled and effective in oral and written communication.
  8. Ability to use and manage technology including, but not limited to e-mail, internet, Microsoft Office Programs, CD-ROMS, DVD’s videos, etc.
  9. Knowledge and understanding of the school system rules, administrative procedures, local board policy, and state and federal rules and regulations.
  10. Possess the physical and emotional ability to fulfill the contract period.

 Essential Functions:

  1. Plans and delivers instructional activities for students consistent with student needs and district instructional goals.
  2. Establishes behavior standards, provides classroom routines, and practices effective oral communication and listening skills resulting in a learning environment that promotes learning and self-discipline among students.
  3. Demonstrates the effective evaluation of student needs and progress by engaging in entry level diagnosis activities, test construction, record keeping, appropriate referral of students with special needs, preparing students for assessment, effective test administration, and post assessment follow-up activities.
  4. Delivers instructional activities in a manner demonstrating a variety of instructional techniques, promoting positive interaction among students, and providing for appropriate practice of activities and skills focusing upon the desired learning outcomes.
  5. Establishes and maintains a high level of rapport with other teachers, team leaders, department heads, district-level coordinators and/or program directors, and instructional support and service employees of the school district.
  6. Establishes and maintains a professional rapport with students that results in students being shown that all individuals are deserving of respectful and dignified treatment and promoting a healthy self-concept in all students.
  7. Demonstrates a positive and technically competent set of parent/community relations’ skills including oral communication, written communications, and listening skills in-group and one-on-one situations as necessary.
  8. Fulfills professional responsibilities beyond those exhibited in the classroom to include participation in school co-curricular programs, school and district program improvement efforts, participation in community and parent groups and abides by and promotes high ethical standards.
  9. Professional Development activities leading toward enhancing professional qualification.
  10. Models appropriate personal characteristics and work habits that are consistent with personal development goals established for students.
  11. Ensures confidentiality of all students’ records, grades, performance and all other related matters.
  12. Participates in school-level planning, faculty meetings/committees and other school system groups.
  13. Adheres to school system rules, administrative procedures, local board policy, and state and federal rules and regulations.
  14. If teaching physical education, must possess sufficient strength, dexterity, endurance, agility and skill to carry out the program of studies to which assigned.
  15. If a physical education teacher, some assignments may require sufficient athletic skills to demonstrate and perform appropriate athletic techniques at both the beginning and advanced levels.
  16. If a physical education teacher, some assignments may require working outdoors in conditions, which are moderately comfortable and require adaptation of clothes and dress to the conditions or the use of sun blockers.
  17. Physical and emotion ability and dexterity to perform required work and move about as needed.
  • This position will be subject to the Students First Act of 2011. Madison City Schools reserves the right to fill this position by transfer of a qualified applicant who is already employed by Madison City Schools.
  • Under the Students First Act of 2011, no credit toward tenure or non-probationary status is earned in the initial school year of employment if the date of hire occurs after September 30.    

Expected Employment: 187 days (full year) 

Evaluation: According to established Board policies and administrative procedures and guidelines.

Salary Range:  (Salary based on employment for complete year)

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