Death toll climbs in western Germany flooding

The massive flooding that hit western Germany has killed at least 103 people, damaging homes and leaving tens of thousands without power.

  • More than 100 people have been reported dead across western Germany
  • 55 people were rescued after houses collapsed south of Cologne
  • 850 Bundeswehr soldiers have been deployed to assist with disaster relief
  • The worst hit regions are in western Germany around the borders to the Benelux countries

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Major German insurer acknowledges increased risk is due to climate change

The Munich Re Group’s chief climate and geoscientist Ernst Rauch acknowledged the challenges to the insurance industry in particular posed by climate change in a statement released via the insurer’s Twitter account.

“There are clear indications that part of the growing damage cannot be explained solely by socio-economic factors but is due to climate change,” Rauch said.

Rauch added, “We have to assume that these damages will increase in frequency and intensity.”

He called for more investment in flood prevention, saying how “in the long run, the expected increased damages are much more expensive than if we start now with prevention.”