Mind Your Culture, LLC

1311 Pine Heights Drive Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30324

Mind Your Culture is a culture-focused business solutions and leadership development firm. We equip leaders with the insights, tools and strategies to leverage culture to advance business objectives and lead with compassion.

Our mission is to bring people together for better business outcomes and a better world. We are committed to inspire, create and develop individuals, organizations and communities that recognize the value of our diverse human experiences.  We believe that our humanity unites us and our differences enrich us. We are better together.

At Mind Your Culture, we believe that everyone has a talented gift they want to share with the world. We also believe that all humankind want basically the same things, we just go about it in a different way. And different is just that, different. There is no right or wrong in culture, our actions are rooted in our cultural background. We all want to be seen and heard, be inspired and appreciated and making a positive impact on the world.  A leader who can live out this premise and demonstrate these values will be the future leader of our businesses, communities, and institutions.

Our carefully selected professionals and business partners are delivering customized development programs that meets your very specific needs. Our expertise ranges from cultural specifics to overarching cultural-related topics such as cultural competence, diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, corporate culture change and more.