NRTC Automation

124 Carson Road N.
Birmingham, AL 35215

NRTC Automation is the leader in the industry for decommissioning and tear out services. We provide tear outs for manufacturers across North America in facilities ranging from 5k square feet to 750k square feet and distinguish ourselves with highly personalized and attentive service. With a dedicated project manager and team assigned solely to your project, we’ll ensure that your tear out is completed according to your timeline.

We specialize in providing turnkey automation solutions for businesses in manufacturing. Our skilled technicians provide production support ranging from basic to advanced programming, troubleshooting, and more. And we can design, build, engineer, and install a customized industrial work cell for your production line to improve your productivity and efficiency while cutting overhead and waste.  

If you need parts, NRTC Automation will manufacture any part based on your specifications and volume needs. We offer service parts manufacturing for any industry. We will configure a work cell specifically for your company, house production in one of our facilities, and build parts based on the quantity you’ve defined.