Auburn University bolsters relations with the German Technical Institute of Applied Sciences

Fostering the spirit of collaborative research and educational programs, Auburn University leadership hosted a delegation from the German Technical University of Applied Sciences at Wurzburg-Schweinfurt (THWS), March 26-31.

Strategic points of business included:

  • Exchange opportunities for professors at each university
  • Student mobility and exchange
  • Collaboration on an artificial intelligence and robotics forum at TWHS this November
  • Cooperative research activities in robotics, artificial intelligence and several other engineering programs
  • Even a dual studies program, where students travel overseas to attend college and work – gaining practical, real-world experiences

THWS President Robert Grebner said the universities “fit well together.”

“We have an excellent opportunity to combine some of our best researchers, particularly in the areas of robotics and artificial intelligence,” he said. “Our work together can be very beneficial for medicine, industry and social science.”

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