Carmen Jordan Promoted to RAPA CEO

Dr. Roman Pausch, Chairman of the Board of Management and CEO of Rausch & Pausch (RAPA) Automotive has announced the promotion of Carmen Jordan to president & CEO of RAPA LP in Auburn, Alabama.

According to Dr. Pausch, “She combines technical competence as an engineer, personal qualities as a manager with many years of professional experience and has the respect of the Associates in Selb and Auburn.”

Jordan was raised in Auburn and is an Auburn High School Class of 1993 graduate. She completed a degree in chemical engineering at Cornell University.  Jordan started her career in the steel industry before transitioning to the automotive industry. She began her tenure with RAPA in 2016 leading the Quality and Supply Chain Management departments, playing a key role in the further development of quality management. Jordan, her husband, and three children live in and call Auburn home.

RAPA produces high-precision automotive solenoid valves and air suspension technology.  The privately-held German corporation located in Northern Bavaria was founded in 1920 and supplies manufacturers in the automotive, healthcare, and industry sectors. The RAPA Auburn facility was started in 2013. The company is supporting customers with leading efforts in the global automotive trend towards electromobility and autonomous driving.