Beyond Gravity US

100 Atlas Ave
Trinity, AL 35673

Beyond Gravity has been supplying products for hundreds of space missions for over 40 years. They all ultimately serve one goal: advancing humanity. We do this by working in the areas of satellite positioning and communications, providing instruments to collect satellite data that helps manage natural hazards, or working on satellites for better weather forecasting. We also help discover space, explore planets and countless other scientific missions. With our solutions we help our customers around the world make the impossible possible.

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, Beyond Gravity is the first start-up to combine agility, speed and innovation with decades of experience and proven quality. Beyond Gravity is the preferred supplier of structures for all types of launch vehicles – including the European Ariane and Vega rockets. Beyond Gravity is also a leader in selected satellite products as well as satellite constellations. The company is also a longstanding supplier of the lithography market.