Automotive Aftermarket Fund

2236 Cahaba Valley Drive
Birmingham, AL 35242

Automotive Aftermarket Fund (AAF) is a self-insured group workers’ compensation fund governed and regulated by the Alabama Department of Labor. It is provided by the Automotive Aftermarket Association Southeast, Inc. (AAAS) as a service for its members. As the sponsoring association for AAF, AAAS has been instrumental in improving the business climate for parts suppliers, body shops, garages, machine shops, manufacturers, auto & equipment dealers, etc. all across the state of Alabama. AAAS offers an array of programs and services that benefit businesses in the automotive aftermarket industry. AAF is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of members from various regions of the state who also operate and conduct business in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry and related Automotive Industries. The AAAS & AAF board of directors feels that membership in the association and participation in any or all of the programs would offer you an opportunity to operate your business more efficiently.

AAF was established in 1992 and currently services some 350 member companies. AAF continues to grow in its membership count each year. The purpose of AAF is to provide the automotive industry with a stable, cost-effective source of workers’ compensation coverage in Alabama. Members of AAF have access to exclusive programs that are the key components to helping employers of the automotive industry maintain a positive philosophy in their workforce that is proactive in keeping employees safe while on the job. AAF is the trusted resource to make sure any work-related injury is handled quickly, properly, and with the highest quality of care. AAF believes communication is the key to delivering not only great workers compensation coverage but also exceptional customer service! You will find the AAF Team is well rounded, genuine and truly committed to helping its members. AAF has the ability to return all unused dollars and investment income back to the eligible participants in the form of a dividend. AAF members are thrilled about how well their workers comp program is performing because that is what allows AAF to return an average dividend of around 30% each year the eligible members.

AAF welcomes any new members who qualify! Please reach out with any questions.