Mercedes drives forward with electric brands

According to Business Alabama – Mercedes drives forward with electric brands. The Alabama plant’s expansion keeps it moving towards the company’s goal of being all-electric by the end of the decade.

Mercedes-Benz announced in a statement in 2022 that all Mercedes-Benz US production sites would begin operating on a CO2 neutral basis. “As of this year the Mercedes-Benz US production sites operate on a CO2 neutral basis as all of the Mercedes-Benz owned passenger car and van plants worldwide. In line with the Mercedes-Benz strategy of expanding renewable energy production at its plants, the Bibb County battery site’s entire electricity needs will be met through renewable energy sources from 2024 onwards.” The Mercedes battery plant is expected to create 600 new jobs. In addition, Mercedes reports that MBUSI fosters around 11,000 jobs with suppliers and service providers and that the Tuscaloosa plant has assembled about 4 million vehicles since it opened in 1997. That number included around 260,000 SUVs assembled in 2021 alone.

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