Sisters who survived Holocaust together die 11 days apart in Birmingham

Two sisters who survived the Holocaust together, and made it their mission to share their memories with the world, died in Birmingham 11 days apart.

Ruth Scheuer Siegler, 95, died on Saturday, Sept. 3.

Her sister, Ilse Scheuer Nathan, 98, died less than two weeks before, on Aug. 23.

They were always together,” said Ann Mollengarden, education director for the Alabama Holocaust Education Center. “When Ilse died, I think Ruth was ready.”

The sisters were among the first to take part in an exhibit by photographer Becky Seitel and artist Mitzi Levin called, ‘’Darkness into Life: The Birmingham Area Holocaust Survivors Through Photography and Art.’’ It went public in 2007 and remains on display at the Holocaust Education Center.

In 2011, Ruth wrote a detailed and heartbreaking memoir, ‘’My Father’s Blessing,’’ full of family pictures that were saved and papers that documented her journey surviving the Holocaust.

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